1. Transitional traits: Transitional style has taken the lead from modern to become the style of choice among renovators. Modern and contemporary are the next two most popular styles (16% each), followed by traditional (11%) and farmhouse (5%).

2. White walls: Walls outside and inside the shower continue to feature white, up by 3 percentage points each; gray is the second-most popular choice for both.

3. Vanity variety: Vanities are becoming focal points due to their color or tone. Wood—chosen by 30% of renovators—came in a close second behind white (32%) as the color of choice. Gray and blue are also fairly common, chosen by 14% and 7% of renovators, respectively.

4. Sink selections: Undermount sinks continue to grow in popularity, gaining 3 percentage points this year. Vessel and trough sinks, on the other hand, declined in popularity, to 7% and 3%, respectively. Double sinks are still popular, chosen by more than three in five homeowners (64%).

5. Statement showers: Shower upgrades are becoming increasingly common during bathroom renovations, up 2 percentage points over last year (84%). When removing a bathtub, nearly four in five homeowners enlarge the shower (78%), often making it at least 25% larger (40%).

6. Tile style: The majority of homeowners choose tile as the primary material for upgraded shower flooring and walls (87% and 91%, respectively). Ceramic or porcelain tiles dominate in the shower, with 60% of homeowners choosing it for flooring and 82% using it for walls.

7. Tub takeover: Over the past four years, freestanding flat-bottom tubs have continually become more popular, chosen by 50% of renovators in 2019, 53% in 2020, 54% in 2021, and 58% in 2022. The second-most popular style is an alcove tub, selected by one in four homeowners.

8. Luxurious lighting: Recessed lights are a popular choice among more than half of renovating homeowners (51%). Ceiling lights (39%), sconces (36%), shower lights (34%), and wall lights (33%) are installed among more than a third of bathrooms as well.

9. High-tech toilets: Nearly two in five homeowners add high-tech features to their toilets, with notable increases in bidets (24%), self-cleaning elements (17%), heated seats (15%), and built-in night lights (13%).