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Who’s Carriage House Real Estate?

Formed to service the sales and marketing needs of the general public, Carriage House Real Estate is a locally owned and operated real estate company specializing in the Northern California marketplace. We bring years of experience and a team of professionals who represent over 20,000 real estate transactions, ensuring that each and every client and customer receives the very best customer service, follow up, and representation in residential real estate possible. 

Selling Your Home

Interested in selling your home? As home of the 2% listing fee, we make selling your home easy, from initial consultation and home sale preparation to marketing strategies and closing.

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New Construction

From land acquisition and planning to floor plan design and marketing within a predetermined fixed budget, to the actual sale and closing of each home, Carriage House Real Estate, Inc. will work with you at each critical stage. We provide valuable insight and uncompromising service for your building needs.


From housing trends and marketplace insights to homeownership
and financial information, we offer a wide array of resources. 

Renovation Trends

Home Renovation Spend Hits New High: Renovation spend has surged in the past three years, with the median spend* increasing by 60% between 2020 ($15,000) and 2023 ($24,000). The top 90th percentile of spend rose as well, increasing by 77% between 2020 ($85,000)...

Common Interior Design Mistakes—and What the Pros Say You Should Do Instead

Furniture Lined Up Against the Walls When professionals plan interiors, they rely on principles of good interior design, such as visible weight, proportion, scale, balance, and symmetry. The biggest mistake people make when arranging furniture is to push the largest...

6 Golden Rules of Decluttering You Should Always Follow

Start Small  The Spruce / Candace Madonna You wouldn’t run a marathon without training, and you shouldn’t undertake decluttering your entire home at once, either. “When you start a decluttering journey, don’t go right into the heart of your house—the...

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