New Homes

While exciting, we understand the new home construction process can be overwhelming. Our sister company, Clyde Miles Construction, understands all the details of new home construction and is here to help you every step of the way. The Clyde Miles Construction staff is committed to keeping you informed and making every step as easy and as efficient as possible. Your time is valuable, which is why Clydes Miles Construction works hard to achieve your objectives and quickly respond to your concerns while being fast and flexible enough to meet your every expectation.

Why Clyde Miles Construction?  

There are plenty of homebuilders in California but most of them look and act the same. Here are some reasons why we think you’ll appreciate the Clyde Miles Construction Co. difference.

  • Clyde Miles is personally involved with every home built whether it’s driving nails or inspecting the framing of the home, its important for Clyde to deliver a home that you and he can be proud of.
  • Clyde Miles is 100% locally owned. They focus on building move up homes in the metropolitan Bay Area.
  • They concentrate on making the home buying process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.
  • Clyde Miles cares about the quality that goes into your home. Clyde Miles Construction Co. has been involved in the construction of over 3,500 houses, from first-time homes to $3,000,000 custom residences, with complete customer satisfaction.
  • The subcontractors are their partners in quality.
  • Their locations are the best. Always near amenities and conveniences.
  • Their designs are spacious, open and exciting, yet practical and efficient.
  • Their salespeople are always available to help. They don’t believe in high-pressure tactics and so they don’t use them.
  • Their after sale service is reliable, courteous and fast.
  • Clyde Miles carefully selects and keeps outstanding people.

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