Selling Your Home

Home of the 2% Listing

We have found that when home sellers understand what to expect in the selling process, the experience is more likely to remain relaxed and enjoyable. This outline will give you a sense of what’s to come.

  • Initial Consultation
  • Sign Listing Agreement
  • Determine Price, time frame and marketing strategies
  • Prepare Home for Sale
  • Property Goes on the Market
  • Implement Marketing Strategy
  • Potential Buyers View Property
  • An Offer is Submitted
  • The Negotiation Process Begins
  • A Contract is Accepted, Earnest Money is Deposited
  • Escrow is Opened
  • Buyer’s Financing is Arranged
  • Preliminary Title Report
  • Home Inspections are Held
  • All Contingencies are Removed
  • Loan is Approved
  • Closing Documents are Signed
  • Buyer’s Loan is Funded
  • Proceeds are Distributed
  • Time to Move

And at Carriage House Real Estate you can list your home for 2%.

Selling Your Home

If you are interested in selling your home, you can submit a profile of your property to Carriage House Real Estate and receive a marketing plan that can help sell your home.

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2% Listing Fee

At Carriage House, you can list your home for 2%.

We have a well-developed web presence and technological strategy that lets us cut down our marketing costs immensely. We share those savings with our customers. You win because you save tens of thousands of dollars. We win because we get another happy customer!

Features2% Listing Fee
Carriage House Real Estate
3% Realtor Fees
Common Brokerage
MLS listing
Open House
Professional Photography
Market Evaluation
Real Estate Agent
Cost to Sell $500k House$10,000$15,000
Cost to Sell $700k House$14,000$21,000
Cost to Sell $900k House$18,000$27,000

*The greater of 2% or flat fee of $7,500.

Our licensed professionals have a proven track record in your specific area. Their job is to make the process of selling your home a great experience and to get you TOP DOLLAR for your home.

Ready to Sell Your Home or Buy Your Home?