Use an Oval Table

real simple home 2023 dining room

A petite dining nook flows best when a round or oval table anchors the space. Additionally, the chunky base really grounds things; it’s a counter-intuitive approach since a traditional table might seem like a better idea to open up the space.

Opt for Armless Chairs 

Dining Room

Armless chairs let you squeeze in more people around a table! Plus, they allow the seats to tuck more completely under the table when not in use. This offers a more open feel and a little more flexibility with placement as well.” 

Install Sconces to Fill Vertical Space

real simple home 2023 primary bedroom

Sconces are a brilliant strategy if you’re unwilling to sacrifice even an inch of floor space or work surface to lighting.  And once they’re finished, you have more than enough space to place your accouterments without cluttering nightstands. What better way to continue the romantic flutter of the city lights below than with ambient lighting that reflects that same warmth?

Bring Shelves up to the Ceiling 

real simple home 2023 kitchen

If you have the wall space, why not install shelves that go all the way up to the ceiling? In this kitchen you can see how slim ledges are wedged between the oven hood and wood cabinet to make use of the awkward backsplash space. Instead of just one or two shelves, they continue high up, offering even more storage. Place things you won’t need to reach for as often at the tippy top. 

Hang Wall Hooks 

real simple home 2023 bedroom

To prevent a room from feeling too full with a canopy bed and dresser, take advantage of the limited wall space and drill in some hooks. Now you can hang bags, jackets, robes, etc., without cluttering the floor or other surfaces.

Place a Freestanding Shelf on a Work Surface

real simple home 2023 outdoor patio

What if you can’t drill into a wall, though? Here’s custom designed, free-standing aluminum shelves to place over a cookspace. Because they’re powder-coated, they can withstand the elements. The pretty, spotted panels on the ends are more than just an aesthetic choice.

Make Poufs Your Friends 

real simple home 2023 living room

Poufs, ottomans, stools—whatever you call them, get a bunch of them!