Beach Chairs

Whether you have a summer home or you drive to a local beach, you probably have a supply of beach essentials you use every year, such as chairs. So, take a moment to evaluate them. Are they still in good condition from the previous summer? Do they easily collapse and re-open? Are the frames in reasonable shape, or are they starting to rust? If so, it’s time to declutter and replace them.

Beach/Pool Towels

Towels don’t last forever. If you have a stack of towels that have holes, pulled loops, or are rough and worn out, they’re probably taking up too much space in your linen closet or garage. If you don’t want to get rid of old towels, you might be able to repurpose them for cleaning or pets. If not, it’s time to recycle them or pick up something new. 


It can be hard to keep track of sunscreen expiration dates, so check the label. After all, you don’t want to burn or risk skin cancer.

Keep in mind that these dates aren’t set in stone. Heat can cause sunscreen to go bad before the expiration date on the package. So, if the bottle has an unusual color, odor, or texture, it’s safest to replace it.

Mini Toiletries

Whether it’s those tiny oud-scented shower gels you picked up at a hotel last summer or the little bottle of exfoliator you grabbed in line at Sephora, you probably have at least a few mini toiletries lying around that need to go. If the label is too small to read and you can’t remember when it was purchased, it’s best to say bye.

If there’s just one or two uses left, either put it on top of your vanity to finish up in the coming days or just toss it (and recycle the bottle if possible).

TSA-Approved Bottles

While in your bathroom, you should check your stash of TSA-approved bottles. Unless it has a label or you can figure out what’s in it—you probably aren’t going to use the product. So, either rinse out the bottle so it can be reused or spring for a new set next time you go away. `


While you might still depend on that trusty weekender bag you’ve been using for a decade, much of the luggage we fly with gets a lot of wear and tear. While a scuff or two isn’t a big deal, there’s no reason to keep luggage that’s no longer functional. If the fabric is ripped or the zipper gets stuck or is broken (is there anything more frustrating than that—really?), it needs to go. 

Bathing Suits

Much like luggage, swimwear gets a lot of wear and tear like stretching, fading, and of course—the dreaded elastic breakdown. If your swimwear is no longer supporting your body—or it simply doesn’t make you feel your best anymore, it’s time to get rid of it.