1. Soft and glowy lights

No. More. Overhead. Lights. This mantra is actually wise counsel when it comes to home illumination. And Yelp’s research backs it up.

Searches for “ambient lights” shot up 106%, while searches for dimmer switches soared an astonishing 508% in one month alone.

A big and bright ceiling fixture, after all, saturates a room in harsh light. Instead, it’s generally nicer to create pockets of light with table lamps, floor lighting, and a variety of shades and warm bulbs for maximum glow.

“Lighting is one of the most accessible ways to improve the ambience of a room—it’s renter-friendly and can be an affordable way to elevate your space,” explains Tara Lewis, a Yelp trend expert.

2. Spa-worthy amenities

Whether you call it wellness, mindfulness, or simply down time, self-care amenities are a big deal right now. And searches for at-home spa fixtures are climbing quickly.

Folks are looking for plunge tubs (up 313%), saunas (up 77%), and steam showers (up 38%). Lewis adds these relaxing extras “are little luxuries that homeowners can get to prioritize health and well-being—and big impacts can be made on a range of budgets, too.”

3. Fragrant gardens and flower beds

Lilacs, gardenias, honeysuckle, peonies and more—a scented garden is pleasing to the nose.

One scent in particular is seeing big-time growth: Lavender, up 77%; and rosemary is right behind it at 38%. Apparently, lavender is also the new pumpkin spice (who knew?).

Laura Janney, gardening expert, botanical stylist, and the founder of The Inspired Garden, notes that these fragrant gardens aren’t just about smell—the other four senses play a role.

“Bring colors and textures into your garden for visual appeal, edible herbs, or a lemon tree for tasting; and try wind chimes for a soothing background melody,” she suggests.

Another outdoor trend is the surprising uptick (by 61%) in beekeeping.

“And it’s not just about honey—it’s a reflection of our growing connection to nature and the desire to play a role in preserving it,” notes Lewis.

4. Vintage pieces

Many Americans are finally coming around to the idea that fast anything (food, fashion, etc.) isn’t great for one’s health or the environment. Yelp now reports that we’re also shifting away from fast furniture and embracing pieces from bygone eras.

Searches for “vintage decor” are up 57%, and there seems to be a robust interest in restoring or recovering furniture—”chair reupholstery” is up a remarkable 199%.

5. Color analysis

Putting up the wrong shade of green is depressing—and costly—but now homeowners are keen to use color analysis to select the perfect hues; searches for for paint consultants are up 20%.

6. Coquette aesthetic

Last up: romantic decor! This flirty, fun look is called the coquette aesthetic, and it’s one of the most popular looks this summer. Light and airy, pink and girly, “coquette” searches increased an incredible 377%.

In the home, this look translates to lace trim, scalloped edges, gauzy curtains, and elegant, curved lines, such as cabriole legs on a table or chairs.