1. Steam Shower
Jumping in a cold shower might be a quick way to wake up in the morning, but if you’re looking for a more soothing experience, consider installing a steam generator for your walk-in shower.

This large steam shower designed by ID Studio Interiors features an arched tiled ceiling and oil-rubbed bronze fixtures.

2. Radiant Floor Heating

Walking with bare feet on a cold tile floor is never a pleasant way to start your day in winter. Make your morning routine more comfortable by having radiant floor heating installed.

McNamee Construction added radiant heating elements under the white epoxy resin floor in this San Francisco bathroom.

3. Towel Warmer

If you want to keep your bath towels toasty, consider installing a towel warmer. You can go with a plug-in version or a hardwired model, like the one seen in this photo uploaded by Valley Design Center.

4. Tubs That Retain HeatA long soak in a bathtub can help you beat the winter blues. Consider choosing a tub made from a material that retains heat, such as copper, brass, volcanic limestone or soapstone, to keep your bathwater warm.

MG Custom Builders installed a hammered copper tub in this recent bathroom remodel.

5. Cozy Rugs

As you step out of your warm bath or shower, having a cozy rug to sink your feet into provides a luxurious spa-like experience.

A fluffy sheepskin rug makes a soft landing for the homeowners in this bathroom remodeled by Raykon

6. Anti-Fog Mirrors

If your goal is to keep your bathroom warm and steamy during the winter months, it’s probably a good idea to add an anti-fog mirror or medicine cabinet.

Build installed a fog-free heated medicine cabinet with integrated LED lights in this recent bathroom makeover.

7. Window Treatments

Adding shades and curtains to your bathroom windows will not only provide privacy and make the space look more refined, it will also help your bathroom retain heat that might otherwise leak out through the windows.

Laura Roberts Design installed floor-to-ceiling pleated curtains in this master bathroom

8. Easy Access to Robes and Towels

When you’re getting out of your warm tub or shower, the last thing you want to do is search around for a towel or robe. Make sure to add plenty of towel hooks and perhaps a leaning ladder, like the one in this bathroom by Rethink Design Studio, to ensure a towel or robe is never out of reach.

9. Fireplace

If you really want to boost the cozy factor in a bathroom, it’s hard to beat the look and feel of a fireplace.

This bathroom by Meadowlark Design+Build features a soaking tub that sits next to a two-sided gas fireplace set in the wall between the master bath and master bedroom.

10. Dry Sauna

If you have the room and the budget for it, consider adding a traditional dry sauna to beat the winter cold.